FCSU Annual Notices

Below are the FCSU Annual Notices to Parents and Students. Please select the notice you are interested in and it will open as a pdf. These notices are updated annually and any time new information becomes available. You may also be interested in the FCSU policies and procedures listed HERE. Reports on Assessment and Accountability can be found HERE

If you have any questions feel free to contact the FCSU office at 524-2600.


Notice Of Availability Of Annual Report155.5 KiB412
Annual Notification Of Directory Info75.8 KiB221
Seclusion And Restraint Notification227.2 KiB255
Nondiscrimination Notice7.8 KiB197
AbsetosManagementNotice405.8 KiB290
FERPA Notice To Parents Re Student Records82.8 KiB240
PPRA Notice To Parents207.4 KiB197
2016 Nondiscrimination Notice12.5 KiB75
2016 AbsetosNotice329.8 KiB80
2016 Annual Notification Of Directory Info114.7 KiB111
2016 F27 PPRA Notice To Parents268.8 KiB74
2016 FERPA Notice To Parents Re Student Records121.4 KiB86
2016 Seclusion And Restraint Notification326.3 KiB87
2016 504 Annual Notice226.8 KiB86