Will you be absent for more than 3 days?


Here’s what you need to do:


If you have:


Advanced Knowledge of the need for a leave: Notify your Principal/Director/designee that a leave of absence is or may be necessary.


Use this form to request your leave: 

Extended Leave Request (366.1 KiB)


If you need to provide additional information for your situation, attach a memo or make notes (Remember, you must still enter all the actual days missed into the portal so your records are correct).



No Advanced knowledge: Notify Principal/Director/designee as soon as possible if more than three days may be needed for the absence.


Complete the Extended Leave Request Form:

Extended Leave Request (366.1 KiB)


In either case: Central Office must be notified if 3 or more day’s absence may occur. (ie: Is it personal, family, is there an estimated time out, etc)?
A health care provider’s note is required.


The important thing at this point is that this event be reported to the designated school staff charged with receiving the information the moment the need is anticipated. The extended leave request form (or a letter containing the same information) is still desired, however, it may be completed after the fact in an emergency as it may not be practical and another mode of communicating the absence may be necessary. We still must have the slip, so forward it as soon as possible but don’t allow that to delay reporting.


Here’s what the school will do:


The leave request is reviewed, acknowledged by the Principal/Director/Designee and forwarded to Central Office within 1 day of receipt from employee. Absent a leave form, the school will notify Central Office and follow up with the signed leave slip as soon as you provide it to them.


Here’s what Human Resources at Central Office will do:


Review the request for:

  1. Eligibility for FMLA/VPLL benefits
  2. Eligibility for sick or other leave benefits


Communicate with the employee:


There are two documents you will see: 1) the Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities, outlines the information as we understand it and shares pertinent information including what may be needed to officially designate the absence as an FMLA /VPLL event. 2) Once the physicians information is received, the Designation Notice, confirms the absence as qualifying, non-qualifying or qualifying pending additional information.


The Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities notice will explain:

  1. The part of the FMLA that covers their leave.
  2. Whether you are or are not eligible and why
  3. How to obtain further information regarding FMLA/VPLL.
  4. Your responsibilities when taking FMLA leave.
  5. Your rights when taking FMLA leave.
  6. Our commitment to respond once the information is received officially designating the leave


The Designation Notice will:

  1. Approve FMLA applicability to your leave and advise you further
  2. Advise you that further documentation is necessary
  3. Deny FMLA applicability to your leave


Before you return to work:

Before returning to work from your own serious health condition, you must submit a Return to Work (RTW) form to the Benefits Coordinator at Central Office. The Coordinator will review the RTW form and note if any accommodations are requested. If accommodations are needed, the Principal/Director/designee must be informed prior to return to work to decide whether a requested accommodation is reasonable and achievable.


RTW Form: 

Return to Work (123.4 KiB)


If no accommodations are requested, then the employee returns to work and paperwork is filed in a confidential file.

Remember that upon your return, you should complete a leave slip with all the actual days missed so your records are correct.


If you leave extends beyond FMLA time:

If leave is requested beyond FMLA time, the Benefits Coordinator determines if any other benefits may be available (i.e.: vacation, sick) and refers the matter to the Superintendent/Principal/Director to review. If an unpaid additional leave is requested, the matter may require Board approval.


If your leave is not FMLA/VPLL qualifying:


Your options are those afforded you under negotiated agreement / position guidelines. See your building administrator.



If you do not return to work following your leave:



If the employee does not return from leave, the employee is notified by letter that employment is ending and payroll is notified of the employee’s termination. Any residual overpayment is computed at that point and reimbursement of insurance benefits extended may be requested of the employee.