New Unified Union District

A new unified district was approved on Town Meeting Day, 2016

Let it be said that our local elections were much more civil and appropriate than national elections have been to date. The new unified district was approved by large margins in all three municipalities: Fairfield 376 – 152; St. Albans City 1092 – 303; St. Albans Town 1090 – 645. The vote initiated the process to move forward, beginning with receiving our certification from the Secretary of Education designating the new district as a union school district. Once certification is received, the new board will hold its organizational meeting. The timeline for this is variable; the earliest looks like 45 to 60 days.

The new unified board members elected on Town Meeting Day are, for Fairfield: Michael L’Esperance and Michael Malone. For St. Albans City: Nilda Gonnella French, Denise Smith, James Farr and Al Corey.

For St. Albans Town: Steven LaRosa, Nina Hunsicker, Jack McCarthy and Martha Casavant Ries.

Once organized, the new Board will begin its work transitioning to lead the new union district.

Duties of the new board over the first year include, but are not limited to collective bargaining responsibilities; policy development; developing a budget for FY18; and organizing the unified district’s annual meeting. It is anticipated that building administrators will be involved in Board discussions so that Board members have all of the information they need to make decisions moving forward.

On July 1, 2017, the unified school board will assume complete governance responsibilities for the unified district.