Policies and Procedures

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FCSU Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures listed below pertain to all of the FCSU member schools:
Bellows Free Academy St. Albans and Northwest Technical Center; Fairfield Center School;
St. Albans City School; and St. Albans Town Educational Center.


Highlighted rows indicate procedure, white are policies.

Nondiscrimination Notice
CODE A – Policy Maintenance
A1,2,3 Common Procedures for Policy Maintenance Procedure
CODE B, C  – Board Membership & Activities
B12 C123456 Common Procedures for Board Membership and Activities Procedure
B3 Board Member Conflict of Interest Policy
CODE D – Personnel
D1 Board Policy For Hiring (Non-Discrimination in Hiring) Policy
D1 Employment-Recruitment, Selection, Appointment, Background Checks Procedure
D1 D1-Proficiency-Based-Graduation-Requirements.pdf – BFA Only Policy
D1 Criminal Background Checks Info Procedure
D2 Professional Development Policy
D2 Professional Development Procedures & Form Procedure
D3 Job Descriptions Procedures Procedure
D4 Educator Supervision & Evaluation Probationary Teachers Procedure
D6 Substitute Teachers Policy
D6 Substitute Procedures Procedure
D7 Volunteers and Work Study Students Policy
D8 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy
D8 Guidelines for Allowing Alcohol at Collins Perley Procedure
D9 Resignations Policy
D9 Resignation Procedure
D10 Public Complaints about Personnel Procedure
D11 Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing – Transportation Employees Policy
D11 Drug & Alcohol Testing-Transportation Employees Procedure
D12 Employee Harassment Policy
D12 Harassment of Employees Procedure
D13 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance Policy
D13 HIPAA Procedures Procedure
D14 Family and Medical Leave Policy
D16 Military Leave Policy
D17 Civic Duty Policy Policy
CODE E – Business & Non-Instructional
E1 Fiscal Management and GFA Procedure
E2 Budgeting Procedure
E3 Financial Reporting and Statements Procedure
E4 Risk Management Procedure
E5 Operating Guidelines for Student Activity Funds Procedure
E6 Employee Savings Plan Procedure
E7 School Crisis Prevention Policy
E7 School Crisis Response Procedures Guide Procedure
E8 Tobacco Prohibition Policy
E8 Tobacco Prohibition Procedure
E9 AIDS or HIV Policy
E9 Comprehensive HIV Procedures Procedure
E10 FCSU Bids Contracts Purchases Procedure
E12 Policy on Subpoenas Policy
E13 FCSU Documentation of Federal Grant Expenditures Procedure
E14 FCSU Grant Purchase Order Procedures Procedure
E14 FCSU Federal Procurement Documentation Form Procedure
E14 Management of Equipment Procedures Procedure
E14 FCSU Journey of a Grant PO Procedure
E14 FCSU Procurement Procedure Procedure
E14 FCSU Cash Mgmt Procedure Procedure
E14 FCSU Allowability of Cost Procedure Procedure
E15 Procedures-for-Reimbursements Procedure
E16 FCSU Employee-Fiscal-Conflict-of-Interest Procedure
CODE F – Students
F1 Student Conduct and Discipline 2014 Policy
F1 Student Conduct and Disclipline Procedure
F2 Bus Discipline and Rules Procedure
F3 Search and Seizure by School Personnel Policy
F5 Education Records Policy
F6 Student Medication Procedure
F7 Student Alcohol and Drugs Policy
F7 FCSU Drug and Alcohol Abuse Procedures Procedure
F8 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Procedure
F9 Transportation Policy
F10 Student Activities Procedure
F17 Head Lice Procedure Procedure
F19 English Language Learner Policy Policy
F21 Weapons Policy
F21 Weapons Procedures Procedure
F23 Participation of Home Study Students Policy
F23 Participation of Home Study Students Procedures Procedure
F25 Student Attendance Truancy Policy
F27 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment Notice and Consent – Opt-Out for Specific Activities Policy
F28 Wellness Policy Policy
F29 Accommodating Students with Documented Life-threatening Allergies Policy
F30 Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, Bullying of Students Policy
F30 F30 Harassment Hazing Bullying Procedures Procedure
F31 Firearms Policy Policy
CODE G – Instruction
G1 Curriculum Development and Coordination Policy
G3 Field Trip Procedure Procedure
G5 Selection of Instructional Materials Policy
G6 Complaints about Instructional Materials  Complaint Form Policy
G7 Educational Support System Policy
G9 Grade Advancement, Retention, Promotion and Acceleration of Students Policy
G9 Grade Advancement Procedures Procedure
G11 Acceptable Use of Internet Policy
G11 Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Procedures Procedure
G13 Animal Dissection Policy
G14 Minimum and Optimal Supervisory Union-Wide Average Class Sizes Policy
G14 Class Size Procedures Procedure
CODE H – School & Community Relations
H2 Parental Involvement Procedures Procedure
H3 Use of School Facilities Policy
H4 Public Solitations and Advertising in Schools Policy
H4 Public Solitations and Advertising in Schools Procedure
H5 Visits by Parents, Community Members or Media Policy
H6 Annual School Reports Procedure
H7 Title I, Parental Involvement Fairfield Center  &  St. Albans City Schools Policy
H8 Memorials & Tributes Policy
H11 Surveillance Procedures Procedure
H12 Public Records Charges Procedure