Teacher Pay during transition FAQ’s

Q: Will the pay be issued in several biweekly check increments so that we will not be taxed in a higher tax bracket?

A. This last paycheck will be a single paycheck and will include your regular pay for a two week period plus a lump sum for the “summer pays” – the taxes are calculated on each of the payments separately and then added together (not all as one payment which may mean a higher tax).


Q: Are we getting a lump sum for July and August and then going back to regular pay checks in August?

A: Yes. Beginning with the August 31st check.


Q: I am enrolled in the flex spending account plan for my children’s daycare. To what extent will the transition from FCSU to MRUSD impact my monthly reimbursement?

A: For the summer, you will have paid your contribution in advance in the lump sum check and the 3rd party administrator of the FSA will know this. Other than that, there will be no impact on your election.


Q: So does that mean we will be getting a lump sum at the end of June for our summer pay?

A: Yes.


Q: Did I receive the email about this lump sum in error?

A: If you are a teacher or equalized pay recipient, you are affected by this special summer distribution.  You may already get lump sum and so this is nothing new for you.


Q: What if I do something extra in June?

A: Submit for it by June 27, even if you have to estimate from 6/27 to 6/31.